Aquatic Safety Experts can perform the following services:

  • Total Facility Management and System Evaluations
  • Aquatic Facility Evaluations
    • Organizational Business Plan
    • Marketing Plan
    • Staffing Levels
    • Programming and Services Levels
    • Maintenance and Operational Levels
    • Budget and Finances
    • Facility and Staff Manuals

  • SWOT Analysis for Aquatic Facilities (Discoveries of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Risk Management Procedures and Evaluations
    • Emergency Action Plan Protocols
    • Warning Signage
    • Chemical Handling and Storage
    • Safety and Facility Equipment
    • Maintenance Procedures

    Any of the above evaluations can be provided in written or verbal form. Based on the findings, the consultant will give your organization a series of recommendations regarding how to progress with your aquatic facility.

  • Drowning and Injury Investigations
  • Expert Witness Services

Aquatic Safety Experts's auditing programs can improve your staff’s performance level:

  • Lifeguard Educator Program (Auditing Program)
  • Facility Audit Program